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The support of a doula to prepare for the birth of your baby is now more relevant than ever. At times of collective uncertainty and increased anxiety during this global pandemic, my aim as your doula is to be a constant presence for you, to help you stay informed and calm, so that you feel prepared for a calm and positive birth. I want you to feel confident instead of scared, relaxed instead of anxious. I want you to one day look back at this time during which you gave birth to your baby and feel proud of what you achieved, of how you prepared and invested in your pregnancy to welcome your baby into the world.

At this time, it is important that you keep your options open and that you know that you will birth your baby peacefully and safely. I can help you prepare for that, by supporting you remotely via telephone or video calls during your pregnancy, I can support your partner by helping him or her to support you during the birth (the current regulation in most hospitals is that birth partners have been restricted to one to reduce chances of spreading Covid-19). If for any reason, your partner could not be with you at the birth, a doula could act as your birth partner if you wished so. As ever, my aim is to continue working with you and your midwife or doctor, so if you need me to be on any video calls on your prenatal or postnatal appointments I will be there for you.

Get in touch and we can meet for a free of charge video call to discuss how I can help.

Marcela doula, Edinburgh UK