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From Clients:

We were so pleased with our decision to hire Marcela as our doula. It was clear from our initial meeting how passionate she is about supporting couples in pregnancy, whatever their wishes and requirements, and we found this very reassuring. We were fortunate to have a water birth at home and Marcela played a key role in enabling a positive, calm experience throughout. She was excellent at communicating with the midwives and while ensuring that they clearly understood my birth plan, she was wonderfully respectful of the essential and important job they were there to do.
Her presence at the birth was discreet and unintrusive, but absolutely there - just as I had requested. It was such a relief to have Marcela arrive in our home before the midwives and stay until after they had left. It was like having a fairy godmother in the background, anticipating my every need and providing calm, tender, gentle support which neither interfered with my focus, or the connection between me and my husband during the birth.
We chose to hire a doula because we knew that the practical support and continuity of care they provide can contribute to a positive birth experience, however we couldn't have known what a huge difference Marcela's personal approach, commitment and encouragement would make and for this we feel very lucky and extremely grateful. Thank you so much Marcela!

Helen, mother of one and Arts Professional

I was really lucky because my pregnancy coincided with Marcela's training to be a doula, so I had amazing support from her then. We met regularly to talk about what to expect from pregnancy and the labour and I borrowed a lot of useful literature from her. In the end, not only did I love my pregnancy but also looked forward to the labour. Unfortunately, my labour had some complications, so it was lovely to also get Marcela's support after it - it brought a great comfort to me and my partner.

Agnieszka, mother to Kostas

Marcela's yoga classes really helped me to relax and use safe yoga moves not only in class but also at home, during labour, during the anxious first days at home and my for anxiety. I met other mamas to be and made great friends which has been amazing to share each other journeys with one another. Marcela always adapts her class to how all the mamas are feeling on the day and gives options on moves. So even if your having a bad just turning up and doing what you can... brightens up your day!! Youll always leave feeling relaxed and energised!!

Jemma, mother of one

I attended Mama Gives Light antenatal yoga classes at Yoga's Got Hot. I started going from 16 weeks pregnant until I was 38 weeks. From my first class I was made to feel so welcome and felt like mama gives like took a genuine interest in my pregnancy. At the start of every class she always checked in with how you were feeling and if any changes or pain anywhere. She taught me many different positions for in labour and also to cope with the aces and pains of pregnancy. Her classes are always tailored to suit how your feeling that week in your pregnancy and I feel her knowledge and passion for pregnancy yoga is great! I felt as prepared as possible but also calm in my pregnancy and journey into labour as a first time mum and I have to thank mamas give light for a massive part of that! You honestly helped me so much! Also since giving birth she has checked in to make sure me and my little one are doing well! I’d highly recommend Mama Gives Light pregnancy classes to any expecting mum to be!! Thank you!!

Nicole, mother of one

I felt very relaxed, well looked after and well instructed during the pregnancy yoga session. The time flew by and the spread and content of the class was well balanced so I enjoyed the class throughout. I liked the friendly tone , chatting wasn't forbidden if a question or discussion came naturally. I also liked the balance between gentle movement, yin/restorative and stronger postures, the offer of modifications and the reminder to keep connecting in with your baby.

Elise, mother of one, Yoga Studio Manager

As a complete beginner to yoga practice I felt guided and taught well. I felt very well looked after by Marcela, her knowledge about pregnancy and yoga is extensive and I felt safe and supported at all times. I liked Marcela's openness to being asked any kind of questions and not feeling silly! After each class my body felt refreshed and I really enjoyed the exercise.

Karolina, mother of one and Photographer
Marcela doula, Edinburgh UK

From Colleagues:

I was delighted when I heard that Marcela had decided to become a doula. As a midwife I feel that women need doulas like Marcela. She is so passionate about women’s ability to give birth naturally whilst recognising that things don’t always go to plan. I feel that she will always bring balance regardless of how or where the woman she supports chooses to give birth. Marcela is positive, kind and reassuring, all great qualities for a doula to have. She would be a gift to have by your side during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatally.

Gemma, mother, midwife and natal hypnotherapist

I first met Marcela when she started attending my antenatal yoga class early on in her pregnancy. I was immediately struck by her energy and enthusiasm towards her yoga practice and her obvious positive attitude to life. She embraced the more gentle introspective approach to practice that I encourage in my pregnancy classes, demonstrating a mature attitude and willingness to learn. She was obviously passionate about her yoga and was enjoying the insights she was gaining from all the changes occurring in her body. We always finished the class with a cup of tea and a chat and Marcela was a delight to have in the group with her friendliness and willingness to share and to listen to others stories. It was a shock to receive her email to say she had delivered her son prematurely while abroad and wouldn’t be coming home for some time. But something in the tone of her email gave me the confidence that all would be well and that she was dealing with the situation in her characteristically positive way. Several months later she returned to the class with her beautiful baby boy. It was so inspiring to hear her story, told with such courage and optimism . She seemed to have gained so much wisdom from the whole experience and a keen desire to help other women on their journeys of motherhood. She has continued to attend my class when she can, to learn about teaching pregnant and postnatal students, complimenting her doula and yoga teacher training. It has been a pleasure to be part of her journey.

Clare, mother, midwife and yoga teacher

My name is Ilaria Nardini-Gray and I met Marcela when we did an amazing natal hypnotherapy class together over the course of a weekend. It was so lovely to meet Marcela, she was so open, friendly and I immediately felt like we connected and she helped make me feel relaxed and at ease whilst going through the workshop together. We have stayed in touch since having our babies and having seen her go through her doula training and currently her pregnancy yoga teacher training and can only think of the qualities that I first mentioned and how any expecting mother will be in the best hands working with Marcela either with her as their doula or yoga teacher.

Ilaria, mother and Holistic Life Coach

I have known Marcela since 2015 when she started antenatal Pilates with me. It has been wonderful getting to know Marcela over the last few years, as both a dedicated client and now a friend too. Marcela has been through quite a journey and it has been amazing watching her spirit, will and determination even when times were I’m sure difficult. Marcela is a very dedicated person and works exceptionally hard to achieve her goals. I have been able to see this through her Pilates journey from antenatal, postnatal to intermediate/advanced Pilates. She is strong in both mind and body and I know she will make an excellent yoga instructor and Doula. I am looking forward to coming to her classes in the future! Plus everything that Marcela has been through puts her in the perfect place to be a wonderful, compassionate and understanding Doula, I wish her every success with her new venture - I’m sure it will be fantastic.

Tessa, mother, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor