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"In Mexico, women are said to carry la luz de la vida, the light of life"
Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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Welcome to mama gives light! Offering birth support, doula services, pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes in Edinburgh.

If you choose me to work with you, my aim is to help you to have a positive, calm and beautiful birth experience, regardless of how it happens. To assist you during the life changing experience that pregnancy is, and to accompany you in your birth journey and as you prepare to welcome your baby in a calm and relaxed environment (whether that is at home or in a hospital) whilst preparing you to embrace any unforeseen circumstances in a positive way.

I am here for you: As your doula, by connecting with you, listening to you and helping you find what you consider the best decisions for you and for your family. As your yoga teacher, by practising with you and helping you discover and enjoy the countless benefits that yoga will bring to your mind and body during, after and beyond pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a unique time in the life of every woman. It is a time of incredible changes, challenges and mixed emotions. I strongly believe that us women have the strength and the ability to birth our babies without fear. And that before, during and after birth, we deserve to feel happy, healthy, confident, calm, loved, supported, empowered and respected. Consequently, we can be in tune with our bodies and with our babies, and focus on enjoying the incomparable experience that it is to become a mother and to bring new life into this world.

I practised hypnobirthing during my own pregnancy and therefore I am confident to support couples who decide to use these tools. My mentor is Gemma Nealon, who offers Natal Hypnotherapy sessions in Edinburgh.

I am honoured and thrilled to be able to nurture, support and protect women during one of the most significant stages of life, one in which we enter as women and emerge as mothers. I would love to meet you soon and be able to share this journey with you. Get in touch!

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