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Blanca Marcela de Leon Perez

Hi, I'm Marcela! I wear many hats in life: Mamá, Doula, Birth Educator, and Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga Teacher. I'm a wanderluster, a music lover, a multitasker, an art and photography admirer. I can cook some pretty decent fajitas (veggie and non-veggie!) and I'm worryingly obsessed with lattes and almond croissants! I was born and raised in Mexico. I have lived in Spain, England and Greece. Bonnie Scotland has been my home for over a decade.

Blanca Marcela de Leon Perez

Mama gives light was founded after the birth of my first baby; being pregnant and giving birth for the first time changed me in more ways than I can describe. I realised the invaluable importance of dedicating time to prepare for birth. I have since become a mother for the second time and once again prepared fully. The births of my babies couldn't have been more different from each other: One an unexpected preterm birth at 27 weeks in hospital. The other one, a full term home birth. Both equally beautiful, peaceful, positive, empowering and life changing experiences.

Since I began this new path, I have supported women constantly as I share their journeys towards a positive pregnancy and birth experience, explore the amazing benefits of establishing a consistent yoga practice, and living a balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyle during and after pregnancy. These are the fundamental values that I continue to embrace when working with my yoga students and doula clients.

Growing up in Mexico, I remember hearing 'dar a luz' to refer to the birth of a baby. In Spanish, dar a luz means 'to give birth' but it can also be vaguely translated as 'to give light'. When she births her baby, a mother is giving her baby the gift of life, and her baby soon becomes the light in her life.

What makes me unique as a doula is that I support all births, all ways. I encourage a natural birth without interventions; however I also understand that sometimes the unexpected can happen. I won't try to impose any ideas on you, but will let you decide which birth is best for you and for your baby. During both my pregnancies I prepared fully for birth, I educated myself, I trusted my body a hundred per cent, I worked with my midwives and doctors, and my own doulas to prepare to welcome my babies into the world peacefully. I have been through the experience of birthing my first baby in circumstances totally different to what I had anticipated and what could have been a traumatic and stressful event, was actually positive and beautiful. Additionally, birthing my second baby at home was a mind blowing, all encompassing and one of a kind experience. I want you to be able to know that birthing your babies (however they are born) can be the most positive and empowering experiences of your life.

As for yoga, I started practising almost 15 years ago, although it wasn't a 'love at first sight' experience for me! I practised and off for a few years and explored other forms of exercise. But it was in my first pregnancy that I truly understood how it holistically benefits mind, body and soul for life. During both my pregnancies I established a daily yoga practice which included asana and pranayama that evolved and changed along with my body. Postnatally, I took things gradually and waited until my body was ready, focusing on pranayama and gentle asana to begin with. I gradually re-established my practice with the guidance of my senior teachers. Yoga kept me calm and healthy during the long weeks when my first baby was in neonatal intensive care. It has kept me grounded ever since and I can't imagine sailing motherhood without my yoga practice.

As a mother myself, I deeply respect the midwifery and medical profession and truly believe that doulas, doctors and midwives should work together, and not against each other, for the benefit of the family that we are supporting. I don't support free birth so if this is something that you are considering, then perhaps I am not the right doula for you.

I am proud to bring my cultural background and traditional Mexican traditions such as the use of rebozo during pregnancy, labour and postnatally and the honouring of the forty day postnatal period, and complement this with my doula and yoga continuous studies in the UK and Europe.

In the (somewhat!) free time when I'm not being a mama, working with my doula clients or teaching yoga, I support Bliss, who support families with premature and sick babies in neonatal care in the UK. I have recently started supporting SiMBA who support local families who have lost their babies. I also co-facilitate the Positive Birth Edinburgh meetings monthly.


I am dedicated to Continuing Professional Development and to the ongoing process of learning. I attend courses, workshops and trainings yearly, to expand my knowledge and skills. As well as English, I also speak Greek and Spanish so if you feel you would want us to communicate in any of those languages, that is always an option.

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